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If someone that had itchy eyelids were to ask me how they could keep their eyes perfectly treated, I would tell them they need to adopt suitable eye hygiene in their daily routine in order to sustain a well balanced, healthy life.

Now while there are plenty of distinct disorders that can have an impact on your eyes such as the infamous itchy eyelids, red eyelids, and swollen lids as well as a disease called blepharitis does not mean you need to panic. Handling your eyes with a cleansing routine is vital for avoiding and, in some instances, reversing these types of circumstances.

Blepharitis is undoubtedly a frequently widespread eye condition based on an inflammation associated with the eyelashes and along the eyelid margins. It is often brought on by lice, allergies, and even rosacea. Nevertheless, it is more prevalent to obtain the illness through oils and bacteria located on the skin.

If you noticed lately that your eyelids are itching a lot, you really need to find the cause of the problem, so that you can go through proper treatment. First of all, you need to rule out the itchy eyelids symptoms caused by makeup products. Sometimes, mascara or the eyeliner might be the one causing you these itches (allergic reaction). If this is not the case, itchy eyelids might be caused by following complications:

Blepharitis treatment

-Blepharitis- inflammation of the eyelids accompanied by itchy and red eyelids. You need to consult your doctor if you see that the swelling does not go away after 3 or 4 days. Your physician will prescribe proper treatment for blepharitis that you need to follow.

In the event that there is a great deal of oil produced in the glands close to the eye area, you are able to develop blepharitis. Several of the diseases consist of a lot of the same symptoms so it is hard for doctors to pinpoint the actual root cause.

You might also discover scales that look like they are glued to the bottom of your eyelashes. At times individuals will notice some crust forming on their eyelids combined with swollen, itchy and burning eyelids. If the patient is dealing with a severe case of the disease it is possible for their eyelashes to fall out.


itchy eyelids

-Hordeloum- this is a bacterial infection caused by the Staphylococcus aureus. However, if you respect proper hygiene rules, this condition heals in about 2 weeks without any side effects or complications.

-MGD bleph.- Meibomian blepharitis is also a pretty common form causing itchy eyelids.  This one typically develops because of a small change to tear film.  If the oil from the eye is thick or not secreted to an appropriate extent than the individual may experience dry eye symptoms thus allowing the person to obtain blepharitis. This disorder is often treated by utilizing a hot flannel on infected spot, as this warms up the thick oil and allows it to flow freely.

red eyelids

-Eczema- an allergic reaction that is typically common to the skin on the hands, but it can also affect the eyelids. You need to be extremely careful not to rub your eyelids, because this might easily lead to more severe ocular infection. There are special moisturizers and ointments that you can use to calm down all the symptoms of the condition; just make sure to ask your pharmacist or doctor for the best types of ointments.

Staphylococcal blepharitis is becoming one of the most general forms of blepharitis and is believed to be a result of the staphylococcus bacterium which unfortunately lives on the human skin naturally. These types of microbes can easily get into the eyes and increase the risk for your eyelids to turn into an infected breeding ground for bacteria as well as your eyes developing into a burning, stinging, and inflamed sensation. 

People report that it comes and goes often but some individuals have said it comes when theirs a lot of cold air.  If an infection arises, it is critical to clean the spot extensively utilizing a cotton bud and baby shampoo. This MAY help to reduce the bacteria and should eliminate any dry, scaly or oily patches swiftly.

-all sorts of allergies- these can also cause inflammation of the eyelids. Your eyelids become itchy and swollen. These allergies can be caused by hair dyes, and several OTC medications such as neomycin.

Some other red eyelids or itchy eyelids causes include conditions such as Seborrheic Keratosis (usually treated through surgery), warts, cellulitis or a condition known as Chalazion. One very important thing you need to remember is that you should never touch your eyes if your hands are not extra clean- because this might aggravate the condition, and even a severe infection can occur.

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